Judas Priest Rocked Reading

Judas Priest’s spring 2024 US tour is underway, and after kicking off Thursday night in Wallingford, Connecticut, and rocking Newark, New Jersey, on Friday the band brought the tour to  Reading, PA, and the Santander Arena where LockedIN Magazine's  Rick "Beetle" Bailey of bbphotographer58 and MyMidAtlantic was on the scene to keep our fans #LockedIN.

Judas Priest put on an electrifying performance at the Santander arena, showcasing their new album Invincible Shield to a diverse audience. Despite the age range of the attendees, including young children, the security staff efficiently managed the entrance process, doors opening at 6:30pm and Sabaton opening the show at 7:30pm, allowing fans to fully immerse themselves in the heavy metal experience from start to finish. The vibrant atmosphere and anticipation within the venue speak to the enduring appeal of Judas Priest and their ability to bring fans of all ages together for an unforgettable night of music.

Sabaton's performance at the event clearly left a lasting impression on many, showcasing their talent and stage presence as one of Sweden's prominent power metal bands. Despite the absence of their usual pyrotechnics and explosions, the band's tight performance and attention to detail in their music and stage setup, including the army tank drum riser and themed mic stands, exemplified their dedication to delivering a memorable show. Their ability to engage the crowd with backing vocals and a full sound solidifies their position as headliners in big venues and festivals. Overall, the experience highlights the significance of catching Sabaton live for any heavy metal enthusiast.

Judas Priest is:

Ian Hill – Bass, occasional backing vocals

Rob Halford – Lead vocals

Glenn Tipton – Guitars, backing vocals, keyboards

Scott Travis – Drums, occasional backing vocals

Richie Faulkner – Guitars, backing vocals

Andy Sneap – Guitars, backing vocals (touring member)


1. Panic Attack

2. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

3. Rapid Fire

4. Breaking the Law

5. Lightning Strike

6. Love Bites

7. Devil’s Child

8. Saints in Hell

9. Crown of Horns

10. You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise

11. Turbo Lover

12. Invincible Shield

13. Victim of Changes

14. The Green Manalishi (with The Two Prong Crown) (Fleetwood Mac cover)

15. Painkiller


16. Electric Eye

17. Hell Bent for Leather

18. Living After Midnight


 Sabaton is:

Joakim Broden – Lead vocals, additional guitars, keyboards, metal machine

Par Sundstrom – Bass, backing vocals

Chris Rorland – Guitars, backing vocals

Hannes Van Dahl – Drums, backing vocals

Thobbe Englund – Guitars, backing vocals


1. Ghost Division

2. The Last Stand

3. The Red Baron

4. Bismarck

6. Stormtroopers

7. Carolus Rex (Swedish)

8. Shiroyama

9. The Attack of the Dead Men

10. Primo Victoria

11. Soldier of Heaven

12. To Hell and Back

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