Youth Football Returns To Georgia

South East Georgia Holds Annual Soap Bowl Welcoming Youth Football

Not even Mother Nature could stop Youth Football from returning in Georgia, however she did delay it a few days. The annual Soap Bowl was finally held on Monday and even then, Mother Nature has to stop some of the Fun.

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The Soap Bowl involves players from sixth grade through varsity in a series of intrasquad scrimmages.  Games lasted about 45 minutes. This is really the first time some of the players get to touch the field, and it’s used to raise money needed for the kids.

Tift County Blue Devils varsity head coach Ashley Anders said, This will be the first real look at the Tift squads for the 2017 season. The players seem to be ready for the experience. For some of the younger players, the Soap Bowl will be their first experience in front of a crowd. In these games, Anders said the scrimmages were mostly to “let the kids out on the field.”

Dawne Matthews Jensen spent some time at Tift County High School’s mini-stadium for My2two9!

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