Worship Night In America

An Amazing Night of Worship In Sunrise Florida


A Worship Night in America was a lovely night filled with praise, beautiful lights, and angelic voices.
Beginning with the remembrance of the truly amazing Billy Graham to the end of  the concert. The whole night was filled with worship and love to the almighty God.

It was the perfect time to glorify God and let the whole world know that you love him. Everybody sang in unison and danced to the beat of the music.  They did it all for the honor and glory of the lord. You could feel the presence of love and friendship surrounding you entirely. Everyone was completely synchronized with one another singing the lovely glorifying words to their Lord

Chris Tomlin, Tauren Wells, Christine D’Claro, Kim Walker-Smith, and Matt Maher demonstrated their raw natural talent in the way they played their instruments and shouted to the heavens. Their angelic voices filled the stadium. You could feel the vibrations of every strum of their guitars bouncing off the walls.

It made you move your feet and wiggle your body all around. Their wonderful music made you smile and forget about all your struggles and worries. It captured your mind and elevated your spirit to feel free from anything negative in your life.  In their wonderful lovely sermon, they preached about the seven Hebrew words that are translated into the English word “praise”. Each of those 7 words represents a different aspect of what it means to truly praise God.

It was an inspiring message.

You could learn more about it by reading Chris Tomlin’s book titled “Holy Roar”. It goes in depth of how those 7 words change the way you worship.  The entire concert was wonderful, beautiful, filling, and inspiring. It was a night I
will never forget about. It was truly life-changing.


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