Who is This Pop Star C’Marie?

LockedIN Sits Down With Rising Pop Star C’Marie

C’Marie is an upcoming singer,dancer,and songwriter that you will be taking the industry by storm even more in the next few months. C’Marie’s presence is the music industry is dynamic, a lot of her earlier prescene focused on dancing. Some of her most renowned activities include(The Ellen Show,Mindless Behavior,The X Factor,etc).

After being a part of girl group Paperdolzz, where they performed the National Anthem at the Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, and UCLA men’s basketball game, she decided to step out as a solo artist and hasn’t looked back yet.

Recently, we sat down with C’Marie to find out whats next.

LockedIn Magazine: How does it feel to have accomplished so many things thus far?

C’Marie:It feels great to have accomplished so much, but I cannot help but to want more. I feel like when people get to satisfied that they challenge themselves less. I would like to keep challenging myself to do more.

LockedIn Magazine:What has been your greatest experience so far?

C’Marie: I would have to say my greatest experience so far has been opening up for “The Milinieum Tour”. It was wonderful working on the same tour as “B2K” and seeing how hard they work and get ready for each show

LockedIn Magazine:What inspires you,and how would you like to inspire others?

C’Marie:My family inspires me the most, the amount of support that they have given me throughout my career has been nothing short of amazing. I would like to inspire others to follow their dreams and to never stop wanting more.

LockedIn Magazine: Who would you like to work with next?

C’Marie:There are many artists that I would like to work with next. Rihanna is definitely on that list as she is one of my favorite artists. In addition, I would love to work with Drake,and several others.

LockedIn Magazine:What’s Next?

C’Marie:Coming up next;I will be releasing more music and new content. I  am also working on a cosmetic line as well.

For more information on C’Marie you can follow her on all social media sites.

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PR: Tara Thomas Agency

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