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It doesn’t have to have to have a name to be impactful. An unorganized slug of drought-busting tropical moisture is en route to Florida.

A dip in the jet stream is helping to lift deep tropical moisture north.

Weather setup for the week (WKMGNewstar/)

An area of high pressure south of Bermuda is also helping to guide the moisture toward Florida. More than a foot of rain could fall in Southwest Florida.

Rainfall through Saturday (WKMGNewstar/)

While tropical development is unlikely with this moisture surge, there is at least one chance for a tropical development through the third week of June.

The first shot would be east of Florida on the Atlantic side late in the week or over the weekend and born out of the mess that will impact the Sunshine State through the week.

Future satellite and radar (WKMGNewstar/)

The second opportunity would come in the extreme southwest Gulf of moisture. At the very least, another surge of tropical moisture would be likely, this time focusing on the north Gulf coast.

Officially, no new development is expected over the next seven days by the National Hurricane Center.

Off to a slow start?

While the season is off to a slow start in comparison to the last several hurricane seasons, it unfortunately does not mean the season will be slow.

Date when first named storms developed. (WKMGNewstar/)

The average date for the first named storm of the season isn’t until June 20. The average first hurricane doesn’t form until the middle of August.

Tropical Climatology (WKMGNewstar/)

There is a long way to go.

The first name on the 2024 list is Alberto.

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