Unique pilot training program to begin at NC airport

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — The D2 Flight Academy has partnered with East Carolina University and the U.S. Air Force to collaborate on an innovative pilot training program for the Air Force’s ROTC cadets.

The initiative aims to cultivate a diverse group of high school students nationwide to encourage them to pursue an aviation career. The flight course is an eight-week program. Throughout each week, the students will not only be flying but they will build the necessary skills to help them in their next chapters of life.

“We’ve been tied in with the Air Force Junior ROTC for about three years now,” said Chris Cody, an assistant flight instructor. “And it connects with the Air Force who’s rewarding their cadets with training programs and getting and obtaining their private pilots license under an accelerated course.”

“We’re really here to help them develop professionally and personally so they learn not only how to fly but you know how to be a good human,” Program Director Jennifer Cranford said. “Well rounded, can study, and how to balance because this is some of their first time on their own for eight weeks.”

The training will kick off on June 3 and will finish with a graduation ceremony on July 26. Each participant will go through academic training and continue their flight training at Washington-Warren Airport.

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