Space junk? Object found in North Carolina believed to be from SpaceX mission

A piece of debris recently discovered in North Carolina is believed to be space junk from a recent SpaceX mission, FoxWeather reported.

The singed piece of 3-feet-wide debris was found by an employee of The Glamping Collective, a company that operates cabins and other facilities on a private mountaintop about 20 minutes west of Asheville.

According to FoxWeather, an astronomer and astrophysicist at the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, warned on May 21 that the trunk from the SpaceX Dragon that carried Crew-7 astronauts to the space station was returning to Earth about two months after the crew splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico.


No injuries were reported in connection with the suspected piece of space junk.

Earlier this year, a piece of hardware from the International Space Station crashed through the roof of a Florida home.

A Naples man said his son was in the home when the freak accident occurred, but no one was hurt.

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