‘Silver Linings’ Is What America Needs

Bringing Peace and Understand Thru Music

Less Than Jake - Silver LiningsWith 2020 being full of negativity and lots of sadness, anger and loss what we need is a distraction. Something to take our minds off the insanity that has been the last months and just when we need it most, ska-punk veterans Less Than Jake drops and new album Out this Friday, December 11th via Pure Noise Records, . And Silver Linings is a breath of fresh air.

From the start I was taken in and couldn’t stop listening.  “The high cost of low living” hit home with its lyrics that made me feel not so alone and dare I say even gave me a little hope. This is an album you can sit back to and just relax.

We need to try to get perspective from other views and Less Than Jake hits HOME!

Dear me” was another song that hit home with me personally it’s quite an upbeat sounding song but the lyrics are a little darker than expected, yet I understood 100%.

Lie to me” and “Keep on chasing” were both great lyrically and the music is up to Less that Jake’s usually awesome standard.

Anytime and Anywhere” is a song that truly makes you want to fight for something you love and not give up too easy!

“The Test” reminds me that life is not so easy and working hard to obtain goals is truly the best way to gain in life because we aren’t all handed things and it does take a lot of work sometimes to be happy.

“Monkey Wrench Myself” and “King of the downside” both got me going and made me realize we aren’t all perfect, including myself.  “Lost at Home” wow! I have been there. We all have too much pride sometimes and we have to deal with that and deal with losing people and things because of it and learn to swallow it!  “Move”  opened my eyes to a lot of things about myself, truly.

“Bill“ was a great listen and made me smile. I raise a glass to Bill!!!

“So much Less” was a nice ending to the album with its tough lyrics.

The whole album made  me happy to be alive again actually even with some of the darker lyrics because life can be dark and happy at the same time.

And it made me also realize that with music like this we will ALL get through this one note and one song at a time.

Without music the world surely would be lost.


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