RBD’s Projects ‘On Hold’ Amid Financial Dispute With Ex-Manager Guillermo Rosas

RBD’s Projects ‘On Hold’ Amid Financial Dispute With Ex-Manager Guillermo Rosas

In the wake of a falling out between RBD and its ex-manager and business partner Guillermo Rosas — a split made public in January when Billboard reported that the two had parted ways — the Mexican band has shared an official statement addressing the ongoing dispute.

In a statement issued Wednesday (May 22), RBD responded to previous claims made by Rosas and his company, T6H, to People En Español that there was “no financial mismanagement” tied to the band’s ultra-successful Soy Rebelde Tour. Hitting back at that characterization, RBD members Anahí, Christopher Von Uckermann, Dulce María, Christian Chávez and Maite Perroni claim that there were in fact “significant irregularities” revealed in a forensic accounting investigation led by Critin Cooperman, alleging that nearly $1 million remains unaccounted for after T6H began receiving funds related to the tour in December 2022.


RBD Split With Business Partner Guillermo Rosas, Who Helped Reunite the Band


According to the official statement issued by RBD’s lawyers and shared with Billboard, T6H and Citrin Cooperman — a services firm that acted as a business manager for the tour and also conducted the financial audit — were the “only entities responsible for the tour payments.” None of RBD’s members “had access to manage the money or make payments,” the band claims.

Furthermore, the band says, T6H has “hindered the process” by not signing “key” documents necessary for the resolution of payments and the tour, which marked RBD’s grand return to touring after splitting in 2008.

Billboard reached out to T6H for comment but did not hear back by press time.

“Given the considerable amount of money involved and the discrepancies found, all our projects are currently on hold. We have had to pause this shared dream with you, including a possible continuation of the tour,” the statement continues. “Our goal has always been to resolve these discrepancies professionally. We remain committed to cooperating with all parties involved to achieve a fair and transparent resolution. Our integrity and the trust of our fans are paramount, and we will not rest until these matters fully resolve.”

In December, RBD wrapped its massive world tour, which, as of Nov. 30, had grossed $197.1 million since launching in August. Rosas also worked with the band as a concert promoter from 2006 to 2008.

Under a new business model designed for RBD’s comeback tour, the five members and Rosas were deemed equal partners in a new joint venture. The deal had the band splitting all new revenue, including for music, with Rosas, who in 2020 helped clear the rights to the group’s catalog. He also brought Live Nation on board as the promoter for the reunion tour and CAA for global representation of the band.  

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