Photography Student Slams Website

Ciarra DeBritto Slams Website For Festival Coverage

Running an Entertainment and Sports site takes Time, Patience, and a Ton of Planning. Running Multiple events at one time takes a TEAM of people working together to make a common Goal Happen. This is NOT one of those EVENTS.

Sit back and Let’s Talk about the Imagine Music Festival, a 3 day Electronic Music Festival held in Atlanta Georgia at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.. and lets talk about Out Youth.

The Imagine Music Festival was held on September 22, 2017 and ran until September 24, 2017.

When the website was granted Media Passes we assigned the event to two(2) photographers that could handle the event and have a good time doing it. After Hurricane Irma passed thru Florida, one of the photographers, a Valencia College Student, advised the site that due to the SCHOOL making Friday Mandatory, he would not be able to  be present for the event. The site, understanding this asked the other assigned photographer if they had any ideas and the name Ciarra DeBritto was given to the website as the 2nd photographer.

So on Tuesday September 19, 2017 the website was given the approval for both photographers to be at the festival starting on Thursday September 21, 2017.

On Thursday September 21, 2017 after a discussion with the other photographer, the website canceled the SHOOTING PASSES for the event and told BOTH photographers in a facebook chat the the passes were no longer approved. This was done due to conflict between the website and the other photographer.

On Early Friday Morning September 22, 2017 the website got a facebook message from Ciarra DeBritto stating:

And then a phone call right after…..

Ciarra DeBritto advised the website that she had already bought Airline Tickets. Got her instructors to allow her time off from school to go, and that she has been shooting for 4 years and could handle this and would the website allow her to go.

After a 45 minute phone call we decided to allow Ciarra DeBritto to go to the Festival with our Media and Photo Passes. We agreed that if we made her an administrator of our facebook Page that she would post a picture daily and would send us pictures on Monday or Tuesday when she got back.

In a phone call on Saturday September 23, 2017 Ciarra DeBritto advised the site that she had 2000 pictures already and things were going GREAT. She posted a Photo on the facebook page and things were pretty good.  We got a text message on Sunday saying that she couldn’t get to Wifi to post a picture and that she never received the Media pass.

That was the LAST message we got from Ciarra DeBritto. Until Monday Night…..  Now we called her Sunday since she hadnt posted on the facebook page yet. And then again on Monday afternoon to schedule a meeting for Wednesday. But got no response at all. No Text. No Message. No NOTHING.

Then about 11pm on Monday we got this MESSAGE….

Now Let it be known that she was PHOTOGRAPHER number 5 for this event and wasn’t added on Til Tuesday September 19, 2017. NEVER did the website EVER tell Ciarra DeBritto to FLY to ATLANTA. We CANCELED the Passes until Ciarra DeBritto BEGGED the website to allow her to go.

And here is the KICKER….

This VETERAN PROFESSIONAL Photographer send the website 45 pictures from a 3 day Event. YES, That is CORRECT We said 45. That’s a 4 and a 5. FORTY FIVE!


She then went and Blocked the website from her Snapchat and Instagram and had her Dad, Mr Kenneth J Debritto of Ft Lauderdale Florida and KL Media Partners to call the website at 11pm and tell us that this is the last time that we should hear his voice or ELSE.  We told him we don’t do Male Phone sex and hung up the phone.

When asked their stand point on the situation, Wendy Givoglu, Dean, Arts & Entertainment for Valencia College stated, “As a follow up to our conversation yesterday, Tuesday, September 26, 2017, I would like to reiterate that I am not at liberty to disclose information about students’ academic records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). As this matter is clearly between you and your employee, and not Valencia College, I am considering this matter closed.

So the good, the bad and the UGLY….. here goes.  The Festival was amazing. The 45 pictures we got we OK at best. We learned a lesson about photographers. But if Ciarra Debritto talked her Teachers into letting her go to the FESTIVAL and she would use some of the work as CREDIT towards her degree, the we the WEBSITE grade her an F. She didn’t do as she agreed to. She didn’t communicate real well. And her pictures were MARGINAL. Now let it be said, that in a post she said she had 2000 PICTURES on SATURDAY…. Well she sent us 45. What happened to the REST?




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