Peso Pluma Fractures Foot During Gov Ball Performance & Kept Going

Peso Pluma Fractures Foot During Gov Ball Performance & Kept Going

New York City’s Gov Ball was ablaze with excitement on Sunday (June 9) as Peso Pluma energized tens of thousands of festivalgoers with corridos and a few trap hits on the Gopuff stage. But during his set, the Mexican superstar fractured his foot, yet continued to power through like a champ. This was his first headlining slot at a genre-spanning festival, and he tackled the challenge head on with an exhilarating show.


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Decked out in a Celine black mesh hoodie and silver chains, the Guadalajara native kickstarted his hourlong set with the blaring trombone notes of “Rubicon.” With ecstatic cheers, he welcomed the crowd, “¡Arriba México, putos! How y’all doing, New York? Are you ready to have a f–king corrido night?” he shouted.

Amid a dozen dancers and eight musicians, the star also invited Jasiel Nuñez on stage to perform the corridos hit “Rosa Pastel,” and later on brought in Rich the Kid to do the trap song “Gimme a Second.” This blend of artists across different styles showcased Peso’s versatility. He also showcased Billboard chart-topping bangers such as “Ella Baila Sola,” “PRC” and “La Bebe,” and performed his recent single “La Durango” live for the first time.

The night took an unexpected turn when Peso Pluma, with a sudden misstep on the slanted stage, fractured his foot. Unfazed, he adapted his performance. At one point, a staff member brought him a chair, which Peso refused, and kept hopping on one foot. “If I have it fractured, I don’t give a s–t because you all deserve a grand show!”

He later confirmed the injury and wrote on Instagram, “Broken foot? IDGAF! Thanks New York. Y’alls energy was insane! Los Amo!

At one point, Morgan Freeman’s voice also played a notable role in Peso’s set as a key storyteller. The actor recounted the historical controversies that narco corridos — drug ballads — have played in Mexico, or in this case, corridos bélicos, which have even been banned in certain places in the country, drawing parallels to gangster rap. Meanwhile, images of Chalino Sánchez appeared on the backdrop.

As Peso Pluma — who later rocked a white tank top, showing off his newly tattooed sleeves — rallied for one final grand cheer, and the audience responded by chanting his name at the end for an encore, which he delivered with “Lady Gaga.” Despite his injury, his Gov Ball appearance was a display of his indomitable spirit. Audience members left the set energized and inspired, with one non-Hispanic fesivalgoer commenting, “That was the coolest set ever!”

After a wildly successful 2023 packed with Hot 100 hits, the Mexican hitmaker now prepares to release his Génesis follow-up, Éxodo, this month.

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