Oviedo honors those who served on Memorial Day

Members of Oviedo Memorial Post 243 and the community came together in Oviedo on this Memorial Day.

Cmdr. Brad Sokoly said it makes him proud to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“Today is Memorial Day, and it is somber, so we honor and reflect on the masses who have passed, and it’s the reason why I’m here. If they didn’t defend this country, we wouldn’t be here. You and I wouldn’t be talking, so I’m proud to be an American, absolutely. I’m a proud Marine,” Sokoly said.

Oviedo Mayor Megan Sladek said the community proudly stands behind anyone who has served.

“I like that our Veterans Memorial is right here in the center of things. It could have been anywhere. It’s not tucked away somewhere,” Sladek said.

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