Orlando Anarchy Standout Killed In Accident

Sometimes Life Copies The Movies or Visa Versa

On Monday, a 20-year old women was killed in a wrong-way crash on SR 417 in Orlando. The women, Jahqui Sevilla, 20 was one of the people KILLED in the crash. Last year, Jahqui was at Pulse Night Club and survived the shooting there.

In a scene out of the Movie Final Destination, this is the 2nd person to die in unrelated accidents after walking away from the mass killing,  Chris Brodman died in September while visiting friends in the Tampa area.

Sevilla played on the women’s football team, the Orlando Anarchy, along with fellow Pulse survivor Paula Blanco, whose boyfriend, Cory Connell, was killed in the shooting.




The Orlando Anarchy issued this statement Tuesday about Sevilla’s death:

Jahqui Sevilla was taken from her family and her football family in a tragic automobile crash. Grief is not a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity of life. Grief allows each person time to turn a loss into a strong memory in the heart. When a person we love leaves us, we never lose them – they become more of a part of us. Jahqui Sevilla will always be in our hearts and a part of the Orlando Anarchy Family.

Our Hearts and Prayers are with the Orlando Anarchy Family!

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