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Normani dives into her debut album, and gives us a dose of ‘Dopamine.’ After years in the making, the singer is ready to deliver what fans have been eagerly awaiting from her. She shares what her ‘Dopamine’ era will sound like, why she wasn’t a fan of her hit single “Motivation,” a possible Fifth Harmony reunion, working with Gunna & Cardi B and more!


I know that it’s been such an extensive journey and process, but the wait, for sure, I feel like it’s definitely gonna be worth it. Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Normani and you’re watching Billboard News.

Tetris Kelly:

Let’s talk about the first single “1:59.” Why was that the one you were ready to introduce this new era?


For me, it’s simply just feeling and it’s crazy, too, because I feel like the evolution between records is just, it’s crazy. To me. It’s just like, I love seeing the beauty and I love like the process and being able to just see it in each stage. And so I remember the first time I ended up playing it, everybody was like, ‘OK, yeah, this is cool. This is cool.’ And then once it was finalized, once it was done, once we got Gunna on it, like, it felt like a record, it felt like just completion. I try not to overthink it too much, which I know that sounds crazy, probably coming from me. We’ll talk about I know, we’ll get there. It felt like it bridged the gap from “Wild Side” to where I am now. Like, it feels cohesive. It felt like it made sense. But it felt like an evolved version of me.

Tetris Kelly:

You said “finalized it and threw Gunna on there,” so tell me why did you feel he was the artist to be on this track? And what was it like working with him?

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