National Making Life Beautiful Day

National Making Life Beautiful Day is celebrated on June 11th to recognize the beauty in life and the people who contribute to it. The day was created in 2015 by Apriori Beauty, a California-based company that sells organic skincare and beauty products, to coincide with its founding anniversary. The day encourages people to appreciate beauty in all its forms, including the beauty within themselves and the contributions of others. 

Let Us Make Today Special

Tuesday June 11, 2024

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Since 2009 LockedIN Magazine has been helping educate people about Cancer and since 2018 we have been  dealing with throat cancer.

After a 6 year battle we lost our vocal cords and thanks to the staff at Mayo I will live.

Times are tough and the staff at LockedIN want your help to do more!

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Luke Combs Celebrates Wife & Kids at LA’s SoFi Stadium – And Shotguns a Beer With Luke Wilson & Jimmy Butler Too

Luke Combs Celebrates Wife & Kids at LA’s SoFi Stadium – And Shotguns a Beer With Luke Wilson & Jimmy Butler Too

Luke Combs dropped his new album Fathers & Sons on Friday, and that same night — appropriately, on Father’s Day Weekend — he was in front of 70,000-some fans at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, to celebrate his love of family… and his love of beer too. Ahead of performing

The Watchers Is A Great Reminder To Watch Dakota Fanning’s $127 Million Horror Movie Debut

The Watchers stars Dakota Fanning, and its a great reminder to watch her horror movie debut from 2005. The horror genre keeps going through a great run with original stories, sequels, reboots, and adaptations of preexisting works, and falling into the latter category is The Watchers. Directed by Ishana Night

Honkai Star Rail 2.3: Should You Pull For Firefly or Ruan Mei

Having to choose between pulling for Firefly and Ruan Mei in Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 can be a complicated decision, especially when considering the limitations of free Stellar Jade, the main currency to buy Star Rail Special Passes, then used to make pulls from banners. Stellar Jade can be obtained

What Happened To Dom Gabriel After Perfect Match?

Dom Gabriel won Perfect Match season 1 alongside Georgia Hassarati and seemingly left the show together, but his life is in a completely different place over a year later. The first season of the Netflix reality show gathered singles from popular shows, including Too Hot To Handle , Love Is

15 Most Hated Movie Characters Of All Time

While there have been plenty of likable villains and charismatic antiheroes that audiences have loved, the most hated movie characters are entertaining because of how satisfying it is to loathe them. Movie history is full of despicable human beings whose only purpose in life is to make life miserable for

So, What Was Merryweather’s Gift Going To Be In Sleeping Beauty?

Disneys Sleeping Beauty begins with the three good fairies blessing baby Princess Aurora with one gift, but fairy Merryweather is interrupted by Maleficent, forcing her to change her original gift. Disney is best known for its animated movies, especially those based on fairy tales and legends with female characters (usually

How Low Can You Set The Bar?: Indian Horror Show Gets Brutally Critiqued By VFX Artists

A VFX team reviewed the popular Indian show Nazar and found its visual effects severely lacking. While Bollywood has been increasingly prominent since Salaam Bombay won an Oscar in 1988, the success has not translated to improved VFX across all Indian language shows and movies. The popular show Nazar ran

Ascendant Ending Explained: How The Divergent Books End

Warning: Contains spoilers for the Divergent series by Veronica Roth! Discover more from LockedIN Magazine Subscribe to get the latest posts to your email. Type your email… Subscribe

Star Wars: 10 Best Yoda Stories in Comic History, Ranked

Star Wars fans would be hard-pressed to find a Jedi Master more prestigious, influential, and powerful than Yoda, especially when he was at the height of his Jedi career. Not only that, but Yoda is also one of the most recognizable and beloved Jedi in the history of the franchise

I Dont Want A House Revival, But I Would Sure As Hell Watch It

House is better left without a revival, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t still be excited about watching it. From 2004 to 2012, the show House explored the cases taken on by Dr. Gregory House, a TV character inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Like many people in the

Invincible Co-Creator Names the Character Death That Hurt Him the Most

Warning! MAJOR spoilers for Invincible!The hit superhero series Invincible is filled with a harrowing number of death scenes, but only one hit the comic’s co-creator hardest. Invincible artist Ryan Ottley answered questions in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread on Reddit and shed his personal feelings about the death that was

Serenity Composer Thinks Firefly Would Have Done Better As A Streaming Show

Serenity composer David Newman thinks that the original Firefly show would have fared much better in the age of streaming. Making its television debut in 2002, the short-lived science fiction show from Joss Whedon was cancelled after only 11 of its 14 episodes were aired. However, the show’s subsequent success

One Acolyte Jedi’s Tragic Fate Foreshadows The Fall Of The Jedi Order

Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Acolyte. Discover more from LockedIN Magazine Subscribe to get the latest posts to your email. Type your email… Subscribe

Kany Garcia & Joaquina Perform at Latin Grammys Showcase, Plus More Uplifting Moments

Kany Garcia & Joaquina Perform at Latin Grammys Showcase, Plus More Uplifting Moments

From career milestones to new music releases to major announcements, Billboard editors highlight uplifting moments in Latin music. Here’s what happened in the Latin music world this week. Best New Artist Showcase The Latin Recording Academy hosted its first Best New Artist Showcase of the year at the Museo de

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers, Multiple Day-One Games Arrive On July 18

Multiple day-one games are coming to Xbox Game Pass this July. Currently, the subscription is considered one of the better deals in gaming, due to its regularly changing roster that covers a wide variety of genres to appeal to most types of gamers. These titles can include beloved classics and

10 Matthew McConaughey Movie Moments I Will Never Forget

Matthew McConaughey is a prolific actor, and many audience members, including myself, will remember moments in his movies for the rest of their lives. McConaughey has had a long career in multiple genres, meaning he has a project out there for everybody. Some of my earliest exposure to his work

Garfield’s First Comic Was Designed So Jim Davis Never Had to Answer 1 Question in Interviews

As the creator of the most syndicated comic in the world, Garfield‘s Jim Davis has given more than his fair share of interviews, with fans poring over the inspirations and techniques that made his sarcastic tabby character iconic the world over. However, in all those interviews Davis has been able

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Uses Self-Care To Stay Positive

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is focused on her health and well-being to get her through the hard times. Janelle has gone through a lot over the last few years, with her split from her husband, Kody Brown, and the recent passing of their son, Garrison Brown. As she works

The Big Bang Theorys Biggest Supporting Star Change Secretly Saved Sheldon’s Character

When The Big Bang Theory altered one of its main characters within the first few seasons, this change secretly paved the way for Sheldons character growth. When The Big Bang Theorys cast of characters was first introduced, the hit sitcoms focus was mainly on Johnny Galeckis Leonard and Kaley Cuocos

Mare Of Easttown Season 2: Will It Happen? Everything We Know

HBO’s Mare of Easttown finished its captivating crime story in satisfying fashion, but season 2 could offer more for the Pennsylvania-set series. Mare of Eastt own stars Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan, a detective living in a Philadelphia suburb. When a local teenage mother turns up dead, Mare investigates while

Major MCU Update Means Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Box Office Record Won’t Be Broken Anytime Soon

Taylor Swift has been taking the world by storm since she kicked off the Eras Tour in March 2023, and her record-breaking concert film Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour won’t be dethroned as her highest-grossing (live-action) movie anytime soon following news regarding an upcoming Marvel Studios release. Taylor Swift: The

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