LockedIN On Arena Football December 2

The Good, The Bad and Arena Football

Happy Happy December Sports Fans! As the calendar turns toward 2020, Arena Sports Fans are gearing up for some hard hitting indoor football and LockedIN Magazine is here to keep you #LockedIN with all the action.

Let’s get some of the Nasty News out of the Way! Former General Manager of the Carolina Havoc, Steve Smith is suing the team for non-payment.  According to the lawsuit, Smith served as the team’s general manager from September 2018 until his resignation in October. Smith says he has not been paid more than $32,000 by the team.

Smith is suing Christopher Duffy Enterprises JP Inc. and Duffy, personally, for failure to pay wages, which is a violation of a South Carolina statute. The suit alleges breach of contract and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

And Now Sarah Anderson Broach says she hasn’t been paid more than $7,000 by the Carolina Havoc and she is suing as well.

During a phone conversation tonight, Chris Duffy stated that he had found out about the first law suit during lunch on Sunday and then again this afternoon when shown the news story. Mr Duffy stated “If there was an issue for Steve Smith and him to talk about, Mr Smith should have reached out and we would have talked about it”.”There was no notice of intent or letter of demand (cause they are not mandated in South Carolina) or anything until the article”. Mr Duffy stated that his attorney was working on a counter suit to be filed in either Florida or South Carolina.

So Let me get this off my chest. This sounds like a Bad Employee/Employer BS!

Steve Smith was HIRED by Chris Duffy to be the GENERAL MANAGER of the Carolina Havoc. Now Chris Duffy gave Steve Smith $300 a week. Paid the rent at the Smith residence. Paid the electric in the Smith Residence. Paid the Cable at the Smith residence. And I have 1 JOB. To put people in the Seats at the Florence Center when the Carolina Havoc played football. That was my ONE JOB. I got my everything paid for. Oh wait. I get to allow my GIRLFRIEND Sarah Anderson Broach to live in the RESIDENCE at the time and paid her $300 a week as well. 

And I had but ONE JOB!  Say it with me. ONE JOB. And that was to put people in the seats during the games at the FLORENCE CENTER.


And the best I could do is sell less then 300 seats to a game!

Hey, I know what I would do. I would hire a lawyer and sue the owner! Cause he didn’t pay me enough. 

Guys there is NO STORY HERE! 


Notes from the National Arena League:

New Jersey Is holding a tryout this weekend

Notes From the American Arena League:

Several teams are holding tryouts

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