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LockedIN Magazine Introduces you to Zaum

ZAUM is a passage toward the dark realizations of ancient civilization; in the form of a monolithic doomy mantra based meditative experience forged by bass and drums interwoven by sitar and synth textures. Based in New Brunswick – their live presence is very true to its recorded form featuring McDonald’s both melodic and dark vocal styles met with elements of sectional Mongolian throat singing. Observers experience a calming process of reality whereby the astral and physical planes can co-exist and be understood from a natural perspective. 


Their debut album Oracles released in June 2014 was reviewed nearly 100 times – subject to much critical acclaim primarily throughout Europe. In their 1.5 years as an active touring band ZAUM have amassed over 125 shows (mainly international) including support stints for Voivod this past August and Pentagram in November 2015.


I recently sat down with Kyle (vocals) and you can check out our chat below.


Emmy:  How did the name come about? 


Kyle: ZAUM was a name I coined at the age of 12 or so in 1992.  My initial use of it was just the short version of an alternate spelling of the word zombie.  I used the name for years as an online pseudonym/nickname pre-internet days (on the dialup BBS systems using DOS), and also my first email address later when the internet arrived.  When I started playing a stringed instrument later on in the mid 90’s I used it as the artist name for my solo ideas and demos. When the time came to form a band where I was the sole songwriter and lyricist, I thought what better fit than the name I’d used all those years.  Of course sometime in the mid to late 90’s I discovered the meaning of the word which was coined by Russian futurist poets as the definition for the language of the gods – also tied into the Crowley world of magick etc. 


Emmy:  How would you describe your genre to someone who isn’t farmiliar with your music?

Kyle: Old World Mantra Doom


Emmy:.How did the band form?

Kyle: The band formed as my focused musical endeavor as songwriter and lyricist with my very good friend and co-worker Christopher Lewis on drums.  This would be the first time I would venture into a band being the sole writer, and another factor was the desire to not have to restart another band due to someone elses life circumstances and so ZAUM would continue indefinitely one way or another.


Emmy: What are some of the artists that influence you?

Kyle: Peter Gabriel, Melvins, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone and Lustmord are some major ones.


Emmy: If you could tour with any artist or band (still active or 

not) who would it be?

Kyle: Melvins or Lustmord.


Emmy: What’s your favorite show you’ve played?

Kyle: Maybe our last one which was a hometown show in Moncton, Canada on June 8, 2019.  


Emmy:What’s the future hold for Zaum?

Kyle: A future of recording and releasing albums and continuing to tour and explore this world and spread the thought of ZAUM.


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