Your Best Friend Is Back!!

Child’s Play’s new teaser trailer looks like mindless, bloody fun

Chucky is back and this time he’s being rebooted.I understand your concerns. I can hear your cries of “Whyyy?” from across the internet. But the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Child’s Play remake has me wondering if this reboot might actually be kind of worth it.

Director:  Lars Klevberg

Writers:  Don Mancini (based on characters created by), Tyler Burton Smith (screenplay)

The reboot of Child’s Play stars Aubrey Plaza, Bryan Tyree Henry, Gabriel Bateman, and Tim Matheson, and takes us back to beginnings of Chucky the possessed doll’s reign of terror, except it’s modern day. The new version of the horror classic looks like it will still have that dark, weird slasher vibe that fans of the 1988 original know and love (or hate), just with a completely new team behind it.

The 2nd Trailer is out and LockedIN Magazine is EXCITED!!

The original Child’s Play franchise created by Don Mancini is still going strong with the last movie Cult of Chucky coming out in 2017 and a new TV series in the works at Syfy.

Child’s Play slashes into theaters summer 2019.

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