Would You Purge

The First Purge Hits Theaters July 4

Sometimes people have good ideas, and sometimes those people need to RETHINK them. Since the first installment of Purge hit the screens, LockedIN Magazine has dreaded someone thinking about doing a Why It All Started Film, and now our fears have come TRUE.

The First Purge is the fourth movie of the Purge series and acts as a prequel to the existing trilogy. In its first trailer, we get a look at how the idea of the titular Purge began in the United States, an annual 12-hour period of lawlessness where everything, including murder, is allowed.

It looks like The First Purge focuses on a couple that has opposing opinions about the Purge, with one protesting against the Purge and the other using it to enact some revenge on the oppressive government.

The First Purge will take us back to where it started, and the teaser trailer is a stinging satire of the America of today, particularly the America under Donald Trump’s presidency. The first poster was stark in its simplicity, with Trump’s signature Make America Great Again cap emblazoned with the movie’s title. The trailer is just as pointed, with a warm Texan man reading what sounds like an advertisement for the Purge, and predicting that one day children will ask their fathers if they could participate too.

Director:  Gerard McMurray

Writer:  James DeMonaco

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