Watch the New Trailer for Hunter Killer Now!

Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman and  Common Take You Into Action

We don’t know about you, but LockedIN Magazine loves a good submarine war thriller. U-571, Crimson Tide, The Hunt for Red October, K-19: The Widowmaker… they’re all great movies. Now Gerard Butler is getting one of his own. It’s called Hunter Killer and today the first explosive trailer has been released for it. The movie actually looks really exciting and has an interesting cast that also includes Gary Oldman, Common and Linda Carellini.

There’s just something about submarines that fascinate me. It’s the small confined space where a bunch of people packed together submerged underwater water living their lives and doing their jobs. It’s just such a great setting for a movie. Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Deep under the Arctic Ocean, American submarine Captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler, Olympus Has Fallen300) is on the hunt for a U.S. sub in distress when he discovers a secret Russian coup is in the offing, threatening to dismantle the world order. Captain Glass must now assemble an elite group of Navy SEALs to rescue the kidnapped Russian president and sneak through enemy waters to stop World War III.

Hunter Killer will be released on October 26th.

Director:  Donovan Marsh

Writers:  Don Keith (novel), Jamie Moss | 2 more credits

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