The Return Of Warped Tour

Rumors Mount As Warped Tour Tweets 2019 Info

Thousands of music fans mourned the last Warped Tour as promoters announced the ending of the popular Concert tour last year, and now it looks like the second coming is going to be sooner then expected. Tweets from The Warped Tour social media sites are boosting 2019 dates.

The official Warped Tour Twitter announced that Cleveland’s festival will fall on June 8, 2019. However, for the East Coast and West Coast dates, each location will receive two dates respectively. The East Coast dates will fall on the final weekend in July while the West Coast will have their time to shine the second to last weekend in July.

Additionally, the tweet reveals that specific locations and venues will be announced on Jan. 28. Along with the chance to purchase tickets, the lineup will be revealed in early March.


What do you think about 2019 Warped Tour festival dates? Will you be saving the times on your calendar that Lyman announced? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on the impending Warped Tour festival concerts.



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