The Final Joker trailer Is Out

Joaquin Phoenix gives fans a new, sadder look at Batman’s nemesis

In the years that we have been doing movie screenings and promoting movies, there has always been a rule of thumb when it comes to movie trailers. Normally, the Studio releases a Sneak Trailer. Short. Meant to grab attention. Nothing much. Then a 2nd trailer showing more of the movie. Then based on audience reaction, a 3rd trailer is released showing even more of the movie.

If a studio releases more then 4 trailers, LOOK OUT! The Movie will be a DUD! Today, Warner Brothers released the “FINAL” trailer for the upcoming “JOKER” movie and the trailer gives us a glimpse of the clown-like villain’s origin story ahead of the new movie starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian whose hardships in a Gotham City (which looks a whole lot like ’70s New York) lead him to the edge of insanity. At first he’s more sad sack than psychopath, but that changes as he dons makeup and green hair to become the Joker.

Todd Phillips directs this film, which hits theaters in October and is rated R. Phillips also stated in the release that the film’s story will be completely original, and won’t follow any previously published DC comic books or movies that feature the Joker, who’s traditionally Batman’s nemesis.

Joker hits theaters worldwide on Oct. 4.


Director:  Todd Phillips

Writers:  Todd Phillips (screenplay), Scott Silver (screenplay)

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