The Best Of October 2019

From Youth Sports to Major Festivals Did LockedIN Catch You Out and About

Every Month LockedIN Magazine is out and about hanging out with our fans at the BIGGEST Events around. Our #YWHTeamNoSleep photographers love being at the CENTER of whats happening and they go the EXTRA MILE to get that MEMORY that you will LOVE.

Thanks to the National Arena League, American Arena League, The Arena League, Champions of Indoor Football,  Special Olympics Florida, Leukemia and Lymphoma  Light The Night,  York Revolution, NPSL, UPSL, Tampa Lakeland Tropics and all the other places we hung out with in August 2019!!

It’s time for FOOTBALL, high school, College and the Pro’s!


If you dig old Van Halen, Dokken guitarist George Lynch and throaty, 70s Hard Rock vocals, Plate is definitely in your wheelhouse. Throw in traditional, Bluesy bass lines and very tight drumming and really good gets that much better. With the addition of looped samples, the depth of this trio gets some thicker feeling, allowing for more melody to play harmony through. Very, very clever use of looping that I have not heard used in this manner so effectively. Honestly, it just drops into the background unless you are listening for it but very cool nevertheless. Definitely check these guys out if you are tired of the same old and need some divine encouragement.




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