The 9 Pm Routine

The Times Have Changed And So Do We

In the PAST, the street lights being on, meant your butt better be at the house. During the summer you KNEW that 9pm meant time to be off the streets. WE NEED TO GO BACK TO THAT ERA!

Recently Law Enforcement Officers all over the country have been pushing #9pmRoutine, to remind people to lock their homes and cars before they go to bed.

The goal: cutting down on easily preventable burglaries.



Law enforcement agencies around the country have joined the movement, including in Kankakee, Ill.; Nampa, Idaho; and Arkansas City, Kan. Also jumping on board have been the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the Tampa Police Department and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.


It’s 9pm are your Doors Locked?

LockedIN Magazine URGES it’s fans to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

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