Stryper Rocked The House of Blues

Rocking Like It Was 1985 Stryper Rocked Central Florida

The House of Blues Orlando was Rocking Like it was 1985 Thursday Night as Stryper brought their friends Mr Belta to Rock Central Florida. Craig Mackay and CEM Photography were in Orlando, Florida with My4oh7eeping our fans #LockedIN.

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As we pulled into the parking lot in downtown Orlando on Thursday, you could feel the excitement already getting pumped. The thoughts and memories of watching Stryper Rip up a stage FRESH in my mind, like it was 1985. That was the last time we could catch the band LIVE and we were ready!

You have to love the House of Blues Orlando! Amazing place to see some Legends and hang out with your friends. General admission all around, people screaming and the looks on the parents as they watched their kids EXPERIENCE what Stryper was all about! CLASSIC FAMILY TIME.

Formed in 1983 as Roxx Regime, Oz Fox (guitar), Perry Richardson (bass guitar), and Robert Sweet (drums), the band soon changed their musical message to reflect their Christian beliefs, and the band’s name was also changed to Stryper.

In 1983, they signed with major label Enigma Records and released their debut album The Yellow and Black Attack. In the mid-1980s, Stryper enjoyed their most successful period beginning with the release of To Hell with the Devil, which achieved platinum sales status. Stryper went on to release two more gold albums before disbanding in 1992

The follow-up to 2015’s “Fallen” marks STRYPER’s first effort since the addition of former FIREHOUSE bassist Perry Richardson. Perry joined the band as the replacement for STRYPER’s longtime bassist Tim Gaines, who was fired from the group last year.

STRYPER guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet stated about “God Damn Evil”: “I can tell you this: if you kind of take the best of a handful of STRYPER albums and you kind of roll it up into a big, old fat burrito, that’s what you’re gonna get with this album. On a couple of songs, you’re gonna hear qualities of ‘Against The Law’, you’re gonna hear qualities of ‘Fallen’, you’re gonna hear qualities of ‘No More Hell To Pay’ — and even ‘To Hell With The Devil’ and ‘Soldiers [Under Command]’. You’re gonna get the best of all those worlds in one world.

And he was right! It felt like a trip back into time, as Michael sang those songs we used to, and did again, sing last night. Our voices are sore as we drive back to our homes to edit some pictures for you. Our thoughts are with the new friends we made tonight. We Sweated!  We Sang. And we Drank Barcardi!  YES!  Classic Night. And the thanks goes to the guys of Stryper! What a Night indeed!!

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