As The XFL Season Approaches Let’s Look Into The Dallas Renegades

On Saturday, the Renegades finally lined up against a different team. Now the more complicated work begins. Following the joint practice with Seattle, the Dallas staff planned to watch the tape with their players, assess the good and the bad, and see where the team goes from there.

“We’ll get together today after lunch and watch the film and go over it with the players,” Dallas offensive coordinator Hal Mumme said. “Then, we’ll start talking about personnel groups now that we’ve seen them practice against somebody that’s not us.”

Mumme was pleased overall with what he saw on the offensive side of the ball.

“I was trying to look at people more than plays, we didn’t run very many plays. Saw some guys stand out and make plays, I thought [receiver] Flynn Nagel had a really good day and caught the ball well,” he said. “I thought Philip Nelson threw the ball well and I think our O-line had a good day.”

Dallas Renegades QB Landry Jones sustained a left knee injury during Monday’s practice at the team’s training camp. Jones will continue to be evaluated by the Renegades’ medical staff.

“We are sorry to see Landry sidelined for the next 4-6 weeks and are hopeful he will heal quickly and be back on the field at our opener, if not just shortly after,” Renegades head coach and general manager Bob Stoops said. “Landry is the leader of our team and will continue to play that key role.”

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