Remembering Super Bowl Joe

Sometimes You Meet Someone That Will Change Your Life

If you live in Jacksonville Florida, the chances that you were touched by Super Bowl Joe are pretty high. No, Joe wasn’t a Mayor, or the chief of police. Joe wasn’t even a TV Celebrity. Joe, was just Joe. Super Bowl Joe.

We got to meet Joseph Miller back in 2011 when My9oh4 started helping out the Jacksonville Giants, the American Basketball Association team here in the River City. Joe, as he liked to be called was the Vice President of the team and he just made things happen. People seem to want to do things with Joe, cause when he did things, they WORKED.

I asked Joe one day about the Super Bowl Joe nick name and he sat me down and told me about the time he took over downtown Jacksonville during the SuperBowl. You had to admire him, cause he didn’t care if you had millions in the bank or was homeless. If you were trying to better yourself, Joe was there to help.

Having worked in the computer field for the past thirty years mostly with Doctors and Lawyers and since 2002 promote a product titled Appwright. Appwright is a web-based software solution that can be modified to improve any business. It is installed in construction companies, marketing companies, marketplaces, facility management companies, and many more. The top features include project management, Lean organization, best practice enforcement, and two-sided email.

He had his hands in Lulus Sauces. A new type of hot sauce with no burn. It comes in six different flavors and is available in ABC Liquors and every meat market in town. It was recently approved for national distribution with a 100 year old company.

In 2010, he joined Ron Sholes and Kevin Waters and formed an ABA Semi-Pro Basketball team named the Jacksonville Giants. We won several ABA National Championship out of 80 teams in the organization. Later that year, working with his son Richard Miller, they formed Miller On Sports and became a voice in Sports in Jacksonville.

Not only was Joe involved in the Rotary, but he was a loving Husband to Bonnie Luthin, devoted Father and a best friend to many.

Our Hearts and Prayers go out to the Miller Clan today. Joe Will be missed. But we know that God had better plans for Super Bowl Joe.

See You Soon Sir!


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