Read Southall and friends stop off at the Historic Ridglea Theater

Out and About Dallas Texas Style

Saturday Night Out and about Brought  the Read Southall Band to the Ridglea Theater and Craig Youngblood was in Fort Worth Texas with My2oh4 keeping our Love Music Fans #LockedIN.

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It was a mildly cool December night as I turned on the road leading up to the historic Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. We were about to be treated with some amazing Texas and Oklahoma Red Dirt country mixed with some rock and roll! As I entered the parking lot you could see the names for tonight’s show that read Chris Colston and Read Southall Band on the historic theater’s marque sign. Upon entering the venue, we learned that the guys threw in a gift for everyone to enjoy as they brought a special guest with them, a talented singer and songwriter named Colby Keeling.

Colby was selected by these guys to get this Saturday night party started for them. Fans were walking around talking, getting drinks, and finding their spots to watch the show from that night in the venue as music was playing over the speakers. As the lights dimmed in the venue you could barely see the stage and a couple guys appeared from the side walking onto the stage getting into position to kick this night off and the crowd start yelling and cheering. As the lights came on Colby introduced himself to the crowd along with his lead guitar player for the night Justin Ross. Colby told us that he had drove in that day from Austin to give us this show tonight. After the introductions to the fans Colby and Justin started playing songs off Colby’s debut EP titled “Whatever it Takes” that was released in 2018. Colby and Justin played several songs of his and kicked it off with “Catch me if you can” and quickly followed that up with “Could’ve Been us” another great song of his. You can tell by these songs that Colby is a great singer and songwriter and is just getting started. As they played through his songs and he talked to the crowd you could see that he loves what he is doing and puts so much love and emotion into these songs and the shows that he performs. One of the last songs that hey performed was “Christmas in Dixie” and the final song of the night was definitely a crowd favorite “Love has a Way”.  It was an incredible show with both guys running up and down the fret boards on their acoustic guitars. It was a fantastic way to get this night started off right.

Next up for the night to continue this Saturday night Fort Worth party was East Texas artist Chris Colston from Lindale, Texas. Music was playing in between the sets and more people were piling into the venue to experience this Texas/Oklahoma country Rock and Roll party. The lights dimmed and you could see Chris Colston and his band enter from the side of the stage to take their place and continue this night of amazing music. Chris said hello to everyone and kicked off their set with one of his latest releases “Bonnie and Clyde” a good old-fashioned love song with some rock mixed in.  A few songs in and he told the crowd that this was a song for all the Tyler Childers fans in the building and performed a cover of Tyler Childers “Whitehouse Road” and the crowd started cheering and yelling singing along with him and the band. He continued playing songs from his 2018 EP release titled “Gone” and the crowd seemed to love every song he played as they were singing along with him. Chris and his band performed an amazing show and they were always all over the stage strumming on their guitars while the drummer was beating on his drums keeping them in time as they played to the crowded venue. He played his newest single “First Dirt Road” that was released this year and is already a crowd favorite among his fans old and new. Chris and the band finished up their set with the song “Gone” the title song from his debut EP released last year. All his songs have so much emotion and honesty in the lyrics that make them so easily relatable to his fans. I would say that he is a mix of some Texas Country mixed in with some rock and roll with a little bit of blues. I can not wait to see what he brings to us this next year as he said he would be having more new music coming out in 2020.

Wrapping up the night for us was the one and only amazing Read Southall band coming to us from the home of Red Dirt Country Stillwater, Oklahoma. As the second band was taking down their gear and the crew was setting up for the final act Mr. Read Southall the fans were finding their way to the merch tables buying merch and getting drinks and getting ready to claim their spot in the venue to enjoy the finale of the shindig these amazing artists and managers have put together for us to experience. As the music continued playing and the fans made it back to their spots and got ready you could feel the anticipation to see Read Southall and his amazing band. The lights were going all around and flashing off and on then they quickly went out and you could still see a small amount of light on the stage and you could see Read Southall and the band take the stage and get into position to get started and the crowd began cheering, yelling and whistling ready to continue this unforgettable night of music from the stars. The lights came up and the band began playing and the fans started cheering and singing along to the opening song. Read and the band played an incredible show with songs from all their albums like “Gunshy” from their “Six String Sorrow” album and the crowd were dancing around the dance floor and singing along with them. Another one of the songs that they played was “Moon and Back” and the crowd erupted with cheers and screaming as they headed back to the dance floor and danced and sang along line by line with Read and the Band. Read Southall and his band are labeled as country, however I am not sure you could lock them down to just on genre of music. I would have to say seeing them live lets you know that as they have some country sound for sure mixed in with some good old southern rock and roll. They were all over the stage jamming out and playing next to each other in a line and having a great time putting on an amazing show for all their fans. These guys sound the same live as they do on their album and you can see all the talent that is in this band and they have a long way to go and have a very bright future for sure. This was an incredible live show and they leave it all out on the stage for all their fans. The song that Read and the band finished up with was “Damn” off of their album “Borrowed Time” and is a fan favorite for sure and one of my favorites of theirs. They finished up and thanked the crowd for coming to see them and wished them a Merry Christmas and walked off the stage.

I would have to say that this was an incredible live show from all the performers that were here tonight and left it all on the stage for their fans that were here tonight. I had never seen any of these bands live before tonight and I will tell you that this is not the last time that I will ever see any of them. I would highly suggest that when this tour comes to your town to get and ticket and go see them you will not regrets it for sure. If you were not a fan of any of these guys before you seen them, you will leave a fan and be looking forward to seeing them when they come to your town.



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