Predators Make Roster Changes

The Orlando Predators Announced Changes Before This Weeks Game

The Orlando Predators (1-2) in the 2019 National Arena League Season, aren’t happy with the way the team has been headed in the last two weeks. After a 42-40 win in week 1 over the Columbus Lions, the Predators looked lost in week 2 and dazed and confused in week 3 getting beat 45-12.

The team has made the following moves before heading into the week 4 game in Columbus.

Activated: Kamaree Alcorn DL, Iswah Webster OL, Shaq Wallen OL, Mike Adams K, Julius Wilson OL and BJ Hall Q.


The team Released Nickolas Jakelsky K, Edward Victorian WR, Jeremiah Zene OL/DL

Also the team has reported that Patrick McCain QB has refused to report

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