North Florida Pumas Set To Kick Off 2018

Full Contact Women’s Football Returns To Jacksonville For 2018

When you mention womens football, most people think of small, petite females dressed in lingerie running around the indoor football field playing football. The United States Women’s Football League, isn’t that LEAGUE! Let’s talk about some HARD HITTING, Gut wrenching Football.

Opening for play in 2011, the USWFL was known as the “Women’s Spring Football League” from 2009–2015 and hosts teams from Baltimore, Lansing Michigan, Charlotte, North Carolina, Delaware, Detroit, Michigan, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Houston, Texas, Whitwell, Tennessee,  Paoli, Indiana, Clarksville, Tennessee, Memphis, Tennessee, Bristol, Tennessee, Washington, District of Columbia and now Jacksonville Florida.

Established in 2016, the Pumas played their inaugural season in 2017 as members of the Women’s Football Alliance. In spite of their 1-6 record, the Pumas demonstrated some incredible heart and passion all throughout, sending three players to the National Conference All-Americans team in the process.

Although the Pumas remain grateful to the WFA for giving them the chance to play last season and wish it the best in its future endeavors, they are excited for all the opportunities which come with their membership in the USWFL, in particular the rivalries with teams such as the Carolina Queens, Fayetteville Fierce, Southern Reapers and more nearby rivals to be announced-in any case, look for the Pumas to be INSTANT contenders for the USWFL National Championship in 2018! In addition, the USWFL is happy to have a presence in the Sunshine State and its largest city and to have the wealth of experience the Pumas veterans bring to the league and to the major opportunities for future expansion it will bring both in Florida and throughout the Mid-South for 2018 and beyond!

For more information about the Pumas, “Like” them on Facebook and “Follow” them on Instagram (@NFPumasFootball), “Follow” them on Twitter (@NFPumas), contact them by e-mail at or by phone at ‪(904)-669-9450‬ or visit their website at

“Like” the USWFL on Facebook (@USWFL), contact them by e-mail at or by phone at ‪(423)-797-0014‬ or ‪(423)-797-0149‬, or visit their website at

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