New Noise Ordinance in Jacksonville Beach!!

Sometimes Change Is A Bad THING

Jacksonville Beach City hall has passed a new Noise Ordinance, Chapter 18 Section 10-7, stating that any businesses in the Jacksonville Beach jurisdiction must either close their doors when playing music after 10:00 pm or to have no music playing if the doors are open after 10:00 pm. Most of the restaurants and entertainment establishments in Jacksonville Beach are renovated/designed, especially those “on the beach”, to be as ocean friendly as possible for customer satisfaction. The previous Noise Ordinance was already highly enforced thus ensuring that establishments did not cross the 75 DB threshold after 10pm.

Furthermore, by enacting and already enforcing this law without any warning or “preparation period”, Jacksonville Beach has not only stifled the evening entertainment for our tourists and local patrons but are depleting the potential revenue from the businesses and its employees.

Since most of the establishments do not contain adequate air conditioning and rely on the Atlantic Ocean breeze, this will have a direct effect on revenue too.

Unfortunately, the passage of this law was passed without the consideration of the local establishments where their input may have been of value and would have certainly kept the owners, vendors, employees and patrons feeling that they have a common interest in the continued development and prosperity of Jacksonville Beach.

To make matters worse, they have not started issuing the new “low-volume” permits yet, however enforcement of this ordinance began Friday June 9th, 2017.



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