Maypop Music & Arts Festival

Music Family and Fun In The Cherokee National Forest

What started out as a Mission to rebuild after an area rampaged in 2016  by first extreme drought,  then fires and as if it couldn’t get any worse a deadly tornado! Comes a community coming together. Once  many in the community was Devastated. Now the all hang out at festival.

This year, NattiLoveJoysFRE3KBASSNick HagelinDoctor OcularKallan HK  Dead Affect and TreeHouse are part of 40 bands that want to come together for 3 days and celebrate LIFE!

MaypopFestival is the celebration of the Passion Flower (Its southern nickname is the Maypop, because the fruit “May Pop” if stepped on.) 2016 was a hard year for southeastern Tennessee. Tornadoes tore through our beautiful pocket of Ocoee. There was death and destruction. How could we help? What could we do? Maypopfest was created to help out with one of our favorite areas in the world. We want to give back with this festival, for years to come! We are donating proceeds of tickets sales, and trying to do something good for our community. By bringing in this big festival we will be bringing in more people to this area. Those lucky people who experience this place might just fall in love (Like we have!) and bring even more wonderful people to the wonderful place that is Ocoee, TN. Home of the Maypop.


Now This Is A Camping Event

June 29 – July 1

Now’s your chance to find out and experience the magic of the

Beautiful Ocoee, TN and the Cherokee National Forest.

And of Course, LockedIN Magazine wants to send some of our friends to the Festival! So Fill in the FORM. Enter today!

Someone Has To Win!!


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