Madden 19 Cover Star Revealed Officially

Steelers’ star receiver is the latest star on the cover

EA officially unveiled the cover star for Madden 19 and Madden NFL Overdrive. It’s none other than Pittsburgh Steelers star wide receiver Antonio Brown, which would have been a surprise if Brown’s father hadn’t already leaked this info a month ago.

“I am beyond honored to be on the cover of both Madden games,” said Brown. “There’s a lot of milestones athletes dream of and being inducted into the Madden 99 Club earlier this year, and now appearing on the cover of this year’s games, it’s clear that business is not just booming, but I’m also among the all-time greatest with these honors. 

In a fun twist Antonio Brown’s cover status for Madden 19 might have been leaked by his father Eddie Brown Sr who posted a photo on Instagram of himself with the caption “The look when Your Son is on the Cover of 2019 Madden.” Which, I guess we now know must have been when Brown’s cover appearance was confirmed.

Madden 19 is this year’s entry into the Madden franchise. We got a chance to see Madden 19 at E3 this year and we found that Madden 19 continues the changes made with Madden 18 after the series debuted on the Frostbite Engine. This year’s entry makes changes like custom draft classes, but early impressions don’t feel all too different from Madden 18.

Madden 19 will come with a revamped version of Madden’s smartphone game Madden NFL Overdrive which is a brand new mobile experience built from the ground up. It features a fantasy scoring system and will let players go up against one another head-to-head.

For more on Madden 19 check out the complete list of player ratings for all 32 Madden 19 teams. Madden 19 is also making a PC appearance so check out the minimum PC specs for Madden 19 here as well. You can check out our Madden 19 complete guide for all the latest trailers, news, and updates.


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