Lunacy In London

Jaguar Players Detained After Incident At London Pub

Your Job sends you overseas to show off your athletic skills and to show another country how Americans act and to be an ambassador of your league and the United States. That was your job. Simple and Easy and yesterday several Jacksonville Jaguars players FAILED!

According to The Sun, four Jacksonville Jaguars players, in their 20s, were arrested at 4 a.m. local time Saturday morning after allegedly trying to leave the London Reign Showclub without paying their bill, which was said to be in the range of £50,000. The players were reportedly stopped by security after trying to leave and things apparently became physical. The players were released after nine hours in custody, and the club dropped their complaint after the bill was settled, according to the report.

Status of the players, Barry Church, DJ Hayden, Jarrod Wilson and Ronnie Harrison, all defensive players are not known at this time. Pursuant to a team statement, saying they will handle the matter internally.

LockedIN Magazine is looking into the other players that were involved and why there was no team curfew set. Remember this was 4am. Shouldn’t the players have been in the hotel gearing up for the game?

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