LockedIN On Arena Football May 10

All The News, Rumors And Backlash From Arena Football

FINALLY FRIDAY and LockedIN Magazine turns its head to the Arena platform as many teams and leagues hit the field over the weekend. From the Arena Football League, the National Arena League, The American Arena League and the A-League, it’s all about Football. Or something that LOOKS LIKE FOOTBALL.

Now as we all get into our Football gear and start our trek down to the arenas, lets talk Football.

Over in the Arena Football League,

The AFL Announced their Week 2 Players of the week:

After dominating the line of scrimmage with three sacks and one forced fumble against the Columbus Destroyers on Saturday, May 4, Atlantic City Blackjacks’ DL, Monte Lewis, has earned AFL Defensive Player of the Week honors for Week Two. Lewis’ three sacks totaled for 26 yards-for-loss, which is 19 yards more than the second-most through two games this season. Lewis leads the League in sacks (3) through two weeks.

and  Albany Empire WR, Malachi Jones, has earned AFL Offensive Player of the Week honors after finishing with six catches, 119 yards and two touchdowns in their victory versus the Washington Valor on Saturday, May 4.

Jones ranks second-best in total receiving yard in the League (213), and is tied for fourth-most touchdowns (4). Jones averages for 106.5 yards per game, good for second-best in the League.

The Baltimore Brigade might have found the kicker they have been looking for as the team announced the signing of Former Wake Forest and All-ACC Kicker, Mike Weaver. LockedIN Magazine will get a chance to talk to Mike later today as the Columbus Destroyers visit the Royal Farms Arena to take on the Brigade.

Albany will visit Philadelphia and Washington will host Atlantic City on Saturday!

Over in the National Arena League,

The Arena Game of the Week for LockedIN Magazine pits  the 2017 NAL Champion Jacksonville Sharks at home to face the 2018 NAL Champion Carolina Cobras on Saturday night at the Veterans Memorial Arena at 7pm.  The UNDEFEATED Cobras(3-0) visit Jacksonville(2-1)  looking to add to their league lead while the Sharks look to revenge their loss last year in the NAL Playoffs. The winner of Saturday’s game will be in 1st place.

The Massachusetts Pirates Arena Football team  has confirmed a schedule change. The Pirates road game at the Westchester County Center scheduled for May 18, will now be played on Monday, May 27 at 3:00 pm. The move was made by the Streets due to a scheduling conflict.

With the Pirates first ever meeting vs. New York moving to Monday, May 27, the Pirates will now enjoy a bye week beginning on May 12 through the 18th.

The remained of the Pirates schedule is remains intact. The Pirates next home game will be on June 1, 7:00 pm at the DCU Center vs. New York.

After losing to the Jacksonville Sharks last weekend, the Pirates set sail for their first road win of the season in Columbus.  The Lions are playing the final game of a three game home stand and are looking to go 2-1 at the Columbus Civic Center this season after a loss to Jacksonville and a win over Orlando.


Over in the American Arena League,

How or Why Tony Zeferitto is keeping the AAL Alive is beyond belief. First he Fights all off season to Keep the league moving forward. Then he has to deal with all the RUMORS about the Loss of Money, and Bad Contracts. The Fact that the AAL isn’t even Incorporated anymore and several other things. Then he loses his partner.

Things almost got back to normal earlier this week when Rumor had it that the New England Bobcats were folding. The Rumors over Rent of the arena jumping. Players not getting paid. Contracts not being paid or honored. As the pieces fell to earth, on Thursday morning it was RUMORED that the Georgia Doom were calling it quits.


Since the issues last year, everyone knew that league would be behind the eightball. Call is mismanagement. Call it bad business moves. But the American Arena League is a Dying Unit. And no where is Doctor House to be seen.

But the Issue at stake is people are making decisions based on Facts that they have. In 2019 Facebook is the NUMBER 1 source for information. Really People? Didn’t Mommy Ever tell you not to believe 1/2 of what you read? Let’s talk facts.

  1. The New England Bobcats did not FOLD. The team stopped Operations for the REMAINDER of 2019. Does Anyone know why?  Well, according to a source close to the situation, the team and the arena had a contract for the season. The Arena demanded more money. When you have a CONTRACT its a binding agreement. Should the team just have said, sure. we made a deal, but you know what.. here is another $4000?
  2. The New England Bobcats will have a new arena for 2020 and will be back
  3. The Georgia Doom did NOT Fold, they too stopped operation for the remainder of the year. Why? Cause the ARENA wanted more money. According to SEVERAL sources, the Team was given a CHOICE to either continue to play and get paid a little while later down the road, or stop. The VOTE was stop. The Doom have a new arena ready for 2020 and will return.
  4. Most of the AAL issues is based on information that people are getting from these SO-CALLED News Sources. People that sit at home all day and stir the pot. They open Facebook Pages under pseudonyms to protect their identity. The BLAST the AAL League for small mistakes to the website or for there being NO ONE at the games. PEOPLE.. if you want this sport to FLOURISH, you need to work TOGETHER.  STOP listening to these So called REPORTERS! They are just a group of people that are working together to make everyone else LOOK BAD!

Now I will agree that the AAL Needs help. Last week LockedIN Magazine covered 3 Games.

Lions Devour Predators

Soul Defeat Brigade In Friday Night AFL Action

Energy Handle Doom

Three(3) games. Three Different Leagues. And you know what we found?  The NAL had the best attendance. The AFL was second and the AAL 3rd. Last weeks New England Bobcats game had 50 people in the stands, and I BET that 1/2 were in for FREE!

How can you pay bills like that? And who is really to blame.

Promotion is a duel entity! Both the LEAGUE and the TEAM are responsible.  Rumor has it that the New England Bobcat team was offered 15 tickets per player to sell or do with what they wanted to help attendance and get the players money. This was shot down by the players. Now players are there to PLAY not SELL. But there is NO I in TEAM. And Everyone needs to work together.

Watching teams FAIL and have to Stop is HEART BREAKING. Its bad for the team. Its bad for the Players and its bad for the SPORT.

How about we all WORK TOGETHER!


Now over in the A-League,

The A-League kicks off today.. When and Where are a mystery!!




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