LockedIN On Arena Football June 6

All the FACTS You Need to know and Some of the RUMORS you want to hear

Who’s Ready for the WEEKEND? Tons of really good games coming up this week and LockedIN Magazine looks into what you should expect from the Arena Football League, National Arena League and the American Arena League. So Much has happened this week, and most of the rumor mill is BAD.  Lets dive in…..

What to think about the American Arena League. You remember last year, we were pretty VOCAL about some changes that NEED to be made to keep the league going and to BUILD from what is there.

Guys, nothing changed. The league refused to keep the website outdated and blame the teams for not sending them the information that they need. They refuse to publish the PLAYOFF Picture at all, but leave it for the teams to do that. THIS is why the RUMORS and LIES Start. The He said … She Said.

Let’s talk FACT. After talking to several owners and the League, this is what LockedIN thinks. In the beginning, the 4 division Winners would all enter the Playoffs on a BYE! But as the playoffs came close, teams were dropping off, and not enough teams had their own ARENA’s to play in. Some or must arenas around the US are used by schools in early June for Graduation. This leaves the teams with no where to play. This put the league in a bad spot.

Now according to the league, The Havoc and Roughriders wanted to play playoff week 1, while the Carolina Energy declined and asked for the BYE Week. What should have happened is the Havoc and Heroes, Energy and Cats, Ironman and Enforcers and Roughriders and Flight all should have played week 1. Then the Winners of the Atlantic and Southern and the Midwest and Northern Could have played week 2 with the Winners going to the BOWL game.

But this didn’t happen. When the schedule did leak out, you saw The Havoc hosting a game on a TUESDAY Night. And one could only thought… WHAT?  This doesn’t make much sense, but this is the AAL.

Guys, until the MANAGEMENT of the LEAGUE changes things, the AAL will always be the dumping spot for bad jokes and con men.

Did the Havoc and Roughriders decide to play week 1 ?  That answer is NO. That was a league decision. Why did the Energy get a BYE? Maybe the league has something to GAIN by this decision? If any team should have got a BYE it would be the Roughriders. Then the Havoc.



Over in the American Arena League,

The road is paved for the Undefeated West Virginia Roughriders as playoff 2019 Kick off In Wheeling, WV on Saturday Night. The Jersey Flight are in town for the 1st round of the American Arena League playoffs, and these teams are no strangers to each other.

The Roughriders defeated the Flight on May 18, 53-16. The win clinched the northern division for the Roughriders.

Look for the Roughriders to hold some surprises this week as last week the team brought back veteran quarterback Stephen Panasuk, who retired last season after playing with the Flight. Gregg Fornario hinted that he had some “OTHER” players to announce.

The Flight are entering the postseason with a tons of talent on both sides of the ball and can give the Roughriders a run for their money.

The winner hosts a semifinal playoff game on June 15 and will play the winner of the Western Michigan Ironmen – Indianapolis Enforcers game.

Normally, when a team plays another teams back to back, the loser will learn some new things to change the outcome in the second game, but a week after meeting in the regular season, the Western Michigan Ironmen and Indianapolis Enforcers will meet on the field once again. This time to advance to the semifinal round of the American Arena League playoffs.

Don’t Look for much of a change in the game play however, and look for the Ironmen taking on the West Virginia Roughriders next week.

OVER in the Arena Football League,

Talk about FINISHES!!  The Baltimore Brigade (3-3) fell by just one point, 35-34, to the Atlantic City Blackjacks (3-3) Saturday afternoon at the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall. Both teams went scoreless during the fourth quarter, which concluded with the Blackjacks blocking a 20-yard Baltimore field goal attempt as time expired.(BALTIMORE DROPS ONE-POINT CONTEST IN ATLANTIC CITY)

OVER in the National Arena League.

Five days after a dominant 70-51 victory in New York the Massachusetts Pirates (3-4) continued to flash offensively as they routed the NY Streets (3-3) 68-53. Sean Brackett guided the Pirates with eight total touchdowns and 230 yards through the air. Mardy Gilyard lead the team in receiving with seven receptions for 90 yards and two touchdowns and Phil Zolla Photography was there with My4one2 keeping our National Arena League Fans #LockedIN!  (Pirates Plow Streets 68-53)

The Jacksonville Sharks (5-1) took the Friday National Arena League Football game down I-4 this week to take on the Orlando Predators and Chris Pamatian was at Amway Center with My4oh7 keeping our Arena Football Fans #LockedIN. (Sharks Stay Hot Devour Predators)



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