LockedIN on Arena Football January 26

Who Is Ready For Arena Football

With the Officiating issues in the NFL these days, some people that normally would be watching the NFL Pro Bowl and gearing up for the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta next week are not paying much attention. Ticket sales are down 12% right now for the Super Bowl and prices are dropping. Some people are leaving the NFL Sites and starting to pay attention to Arena Football and the time to check in is NOW.

In the Arena market, there is the Arena Football League(AFL), and they owned Arena football for a while, but due to bad management that has fallen off. The National Arena League(NAL) lead most arena leagues the last 2 years and they made some Great moves this off season. The American Arena League (AAL) was full of trials and errors last year, and now team owners are pushing management to turn their league around. And then there is the A-League, who is so far off the radar they aren’t really a BLIP anymore and that is where we will start.

What sounded like a good idea in South Florida was putting 4 teams in a league and hosting Double headers each week to grow the league. On Paper that makes sense but someone forgot to tell the league ownership that to build fans you need to get the word out. PROMOTE. And the A-League has done VERY LITTLE. RIP A-League.

Over in the AAL, things are moving along right now. Most of the schedule is out and on paper this looks interesting. The league has moved to 3 divisions, but from early reports this is a 4 team race.

North Division 
West Virginia Roughriders
New England Bobcats
Jersey Flight Football
Burgh Defenders

Central Division
West Michigan Ironmen
Chicago Aztecs
Indianapolis Enforcers

Mid Atlantic
High Country Grizzlies
Cape Fear Heroes
Carolina Havoc Arena Football
Carolina Predators Arena Football Team

South Division
Georgia Doom
Carolina Energy
Peach State Cats Professional Indoor Football
SC Carolina Cowboyz

Projected Finishes give division titles to West Virginia, Chicago, Carolina Havoc and in a fight, the Carolina Energy over the Georgia Doom.

Over in the NAL, now that the cat is out of the bag about the Orlando Predators, all eyes are waiting on a schedule. Rumors have it that there is ONE MORE Surprise coming from the League, but calls and messages have not been answered as of now.

We will have the Full arena Calendar up soon, so stay active.. and lets get ready for some FOOTBALL!


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