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The American Arena League (AAL) & Midwest Professional Indoor Football League (MPIF) Come to Terms

After weeks of speculation and rumor, American Arena League (AAL) CEO, Tony Zefiretto made it official today that the AAL and Midwest Professional Indoor Football League (MPIF) would join together to make a monster Central Division of the AAL.  As part of this agreement several MPIF teams will now join the newly created AAL Central Division. The new Division will cover Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri. The 2018 MPIF Champions, Western Michigan Ironmen, Indianapolis Enforcers, and Chicago Aztces have already committed for the 2019 season. The Midway Marauders (M3I) have committed for the 2020 season and the AAL/MPIF transition team is in discussions with additional potential AAL Central Division teams.

“I am pleased to announce that after weeks of negotiations the AAL and MPIF have come to terms,” states AAL CEO, Tony Zefiretto. “We are continually contacted by teams, leagues, and potential sponsors from around the country with an interest in joining the AAL. We have always expressed an interest to expand the footprint, but understood that we need to have a solid infrastructure to build upon. It wasn’t until we spoke to the Front Office at the MPIF that we realized the Midwest States would be a great place for our newest division.”


“We knew the history of the Midwest Professional Indoor Football (MPIF) League and were impressed by what they were able to accomplish over the last four years. It was a no brainer than to discuss a strategic partnership with them. They are a no nonsense group that is committed to providing a quality product on and off the field. It was refreshing to speak to true business professionals who have spent their time building their league.”


“Part of my commitment to the MPIF was to help build upon the successful brand and take the league, teams, and more importantly players to the next level,” stated MPIF Vice-President Rick Sanchez. “From the first call that I had with Tony, I could tell this was someone who we could do business with. We share the same vision and goals for the sport.”

Pedro Carriedo, MPIF Commissioner says, “I couldn’t be more happier for this joint venture. When Luci and I started the MPIF 4 years ago, our vision included getting local players exposure to other teams outside of the area and this does exactly that.”

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