Life In America The Great Divide

Growing Up In America In 2018 Is Rough

On any given day, hundreds of people are lost to needless and senseless VIOLENCE. Over the last 3 days, 7 Youth were shot and killed. Drive By Shootings. Stray Bullet. Mothers and Fathers are crying over their lost children. In the last month whole neighborhoods were marked as victims and left with heartache.

It’s not about the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida. It’s NOT about the 7th Grader that shot himself TODAY at school. The needless violence that America has needs to end. It’s odd to have a military and send troops overseas to fight wars, when in our own STREETS, there are shootings and killings.

LockedIN Magazine agrees that the time to Stop The Violence is NOW! But the CHANGE has to come from the HEART, and it has to start at HOME.

Parents need to STEP UP their game and pay attention to their kids. Men, be coaches. Mentors. Take an interest in making a better tomorrow.

Main Stream Media will show you what they want you to see. THINK about what your Seeing and what your reading. Does it make sense to you. Can that be REAL.

This is where CONFUSION comes in. You read something on Facebook and it becomes LAW. Sometimes Media people are WRONG. Sometimes they are telling you what they want you to think. Recent video is being shared through out social media and its being used to manipulate you into believing what they want you to know.

 David Hogg was on CBS news 5 months ago. In LA. and then this clip…

Now is it odd, that he made CNN twice in his young life….  Let’s just say that it’s possible. Was he a student at the school, YES HE WAS. Now the fact that his dad was a FBI Agent really shouldn’t matter, but people want to add to the mix of information you get. What we need to focus on is the fact that 17 United States Citizens Died.

Now Blaming President Trump, is kinda odd. And using this Horrible act to push GUN LAWS, its more wool over the sheep’s ears. The Violence problem has been going on for YEARS! Getting worse since 1999! Society has changed and Now we must change with it.

It Does NOT matter if your Black or White. Gay or Straight. Tall or Small. It matters that your an AMERICAN. You have rights entitled to you because of the Actions of many people. Millions Died to give us some RIGHTS and Now AMERICAN should let those rights be taken away.

People, GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE. Stupid people with Guns kill People. Gun reform is needed, but a reality check on Society needs to come first. If I wanted to buy an AR15 to go hunting, that is my right. Where my right goes wrong, is what my right interferes with your rights.

A Criminal isn’t going to worry about the GUN Law if he wanted to rob a store. The only thing you can do is PROTECT your STORE first. If Criminals knew if they came into the store to ROB it that the owner had a GUN he would think twice.  Here is a Better thought. If you went out drinking and while driving home you ran over someone, the public isn’t going to blame the CAR. it’s a car. The guy behind the wheel caused the action. Not the Car. Why is it in a killing the Gun gets blamed?


Again, Do NOT Fall into what your hearing. Think before you POST. Research things before you post.


You will Thank me later!


It’s time to Band Together as One People and keep our Youth Safe!
I went to school in South Florida. At Boyd Anderson and in those days, we didn’t worry about having the school shot up. We need to do better keeping our Youth Safe!

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