Jon Haggerty Tackles Inequality & Human Connection

Check Out The New Video For Fluorescent Track “Fallout”

American singer-songwriter Jon Haggerty makes a stunning return today with his new single “Fallout”. With a handful of singles under his belt, Jon Haggerty has been able to quickly turn the heads of AltPress, Prelude Press, & numerous other high-profile media outlets with his impeccable songwriting abilities.

Laced with ethereal production accented by soft vocals “Fallout” is a resounding reflection on love, humanity, inequality, and the ever-growing problems we face as a disjointed world. “Fallout” begins humbly with mellow production that soon transcends into an infectious tribute to the love that connects us all.

“I feel much disgust seeing inequality be the downfall to our world. The past years have been a rough road of change that needs to happen. Fallout revolves around the daily struggles in our modern day society as we strive towards a brighter and better future. If we all banded together as a people it would be beautiful to see the advancements that we as a human race could make. One day we will wake up and be friends.”



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