Hoggetowne Medieval Festival Is For Real

Take A Trip Back In Time To A Simpler Place 

Lovers of conventions and history alike will find themselves plunged into the world of sword and shield this weekend as the 32nd annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire kicks off at the Alachua County Fair. Occupying the last weekend in January and running for two consecutive weekends,

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Hoggetowne returns as one of the largest medieval fairs on the scene in northeast Florida. A beloved staple of the medieval community, Hoggetowne boasts an impressive array of flagship attractions – A bustling medieval marketplace, horseback jousting, and a human chessboard where a diverse range of fighting styles clash in a spectacular theatrical showdown. The intrigue of this historical oasis doesn’t stop with the clang of steel, however. If armor-clad knights battling it out on horseback doesn’t immediately consume a patron’s attention, the Society for Creative Anachronism presents an immersive number of historically-accurate exhibits and their trademark living medieval village.

Watch a classical blacksmith shape molten metal, observe a map-maker inking in the precious details, and take a tour through an armory filled with an educating amount of medieval armor and weaponry. As a family venue, children will find themselves thrilled and entertained beyond the lures of historical accuracy. After being knighted by the king or dubbed princess by the queen, kids (or adults) may find themselves on the back of a camel, helping a wizard on stage with his magic, or maybe just holding a trained rat in The Rat Catcher’s memorable comedy act. If they don’t get lost in the expansive Amazing Maze, children may be found on the man-powered, medieval versions of classic amusement park rides. In contrast, taverns, which may be visited at any time after buying magic beer coins, boast a solid amount of mead, wine, cider, and beer. In no big twist of fate, a solid amount of vikings and pirates also congregate around the taverns which makes for a great photo op if the knights, elves, gypsies and various other cosplayers walking around the fair aren’t enough for you.

Beyond the taverns and international food market, the endless wonders of the Hoggetowne marketplace are enchanting to both the curious shopper and the medieval enthusiast. Swords, armor, staffs, leather goods, jewelry, crowns, fragrances, and more await. Even despite Sunday’s forecast of rain, the sturdy community and magical cast of Hoggetowne created an unforgettable experience for those adventurous enough to travel back in time this weekend. Visitors will find it challenging to leave without a renewed sense of wonder after being immersed in the joys and curiosities of Hoggetowne.

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