Gun Control

“PRO versus NO on GUN CONTROL” 
We live in a country that has an ongoing ideological battle going on over gun control.    Fundamentally this argument breaks down to either LESS GUNs on the street or MORE GUNs in the hands of legal citizens….Which idea do you think will make you safer?   We also have to factor in EMOTION to this debate as your Pro Control activists will sight high-profile national tragedies as proof that more gun control is needed.   What makes this worse is the emotional families of the victims are seen in front of the media proclaiming that this nation needs more gun control.    They claim that we need more laws to reduce the guns on the street and this action will in turn save more lives.  You hear them insulting everyone that does not agree with them and calling them every name you can imagine.

If we follow the Pro Gun Control group and we make all guns illegal do you think this will make America safer?    Do you think criminals will still have guns?

I think this picture says it best!

The Pro 2nd Amendment groups are pushing back with LOGIC and our Constitution.    There is very little anyone can do to stop a crazed person that is willing to die in order to kill other people.   The only thing you can do is stop them before they can continue.    If we have more legally carrying citizens on the street then these crazed killer might get stopped sooner.   This group understands that criminals by nature do not care about laws and they will always have guns.  You will have a hard time finding anyone that is Pro-Firearms that is eager to shoot anyone.   What you will find is upstanding citizens that want to be able to defend themselves and the ones they love.

If we follow the 2nd Amendment supporting group and we place more guns in the hand of legal citizens that have undergone a background check do you think America will be safer?   Do you think criminals want more citizens to have gun?

This is something we must all decide for ourselves.   I for one would rather live in a country that allowed me to defend myself and the ones I love from those intent on hurting us.   If you would prefer to not have a gun I will not get mad.   I just want you to keep you hands off of my guns and not try to make me a potential victim like you choose to be.

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Have a Blessed Day!

Chris Dixon

Owner, Conceal & Carry Network


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