Goo Munday Announces Her New Album “9 Lives”

Synthpunk Artist Goo Munday Starts A Fire In Her New Video. Announces Her Debut Album

Australian Synthpunk artist Goo Munday announces her debut album 9 Lives. 

Following up on her self-titled debut EP, Goo Munday presents her full length debut album 9 Lives. In 9 Lives, Munday has evolved from her prior down-tempo Dark Pop sound to a more in your face Punk dance party that will make you want to smash something. 9 Lives still visits the dark and Witch House tones Munday has explored previously. 9 Lives as features a collaboration with Munday and Witch House/Experimental artist Sidewalks and Skeletons on the track Rebirth.

The video for the first single Start A Fire, (shot by Christian K. Reed) is premiering on and can be seen HERE.  9 Lives will be released on Negative Gain March 15th. Munday will be performing at the annual Negative Gain SXSW showcase on March 16th.

Goo Munday is a music producer from Sydney Australia. Her music is a hypnotising mix of dark electronic beats, jolting screams and ethereal vocals. Munday incorporates every aspect of herself into her art; from producing, singing, screaming, mixing and engineering all of her music to editing, styling and directing her music videos.Inspired by the harsh and grimy sounds of witchhouse and fusing elements of electropunk; Goo Munday creates her own signature sound and style, by creating pop and punk; intertwined with a gloomy aesthetic and a persona drenched in mystery. Munday’s debut EP was released in October 2018 with awesome reviews from peek-a-boo magazine and floated mag. Munday will be performing at SXSW this year, as well as releasing a brand new 12 track album on March 15th, Munday’s sound has evolved into something even bigger and better that will blow her listeners away.

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