Ghost Color Release Single “Overcome”

Ghost Color releases their New single ‘Overcome’

Ghost Color’s sound is as much influenced by shoe-gaze distorted, droning wall of sound as they are by the Blue’s honesty, Jazz’s need to explore and push the boundaries, Post-Punk’s explosive power, or a singer/song writer’s need to be honest and heartfelt. All focused into songs that turn out to be interesting yet accessible Rock & Roll.

The band’s point of art is to be self indulgent. Art is the only area in ones life where you can be completely self indulgent without hurting the people you care about in any real way.

Ghost Color’s philosophy of“Do it…  Do it right. And do it RIGHT NOW” is reflected in their need to release songs, put on great shows, and to do both as smartly and frequently as they can, while they can.  As the band laments,“hopefully we are making music that will make people care enough to set us apart from other bands in their hearts and minds” 

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