Generation Axe Tour

A Night Of Hard Rock Legends Took To The Stage

Three time Grammy winning guitarist Steve Vaibrought together some of metal’s finest guitarists for the supergroup Generation Axe Tour. And Saturday Night John Sorrentino was in Atlanta, Georgia with My2two9 as Tosin AbasiNuno BettencourtOfficial Yngwie MalmsteenZakk WyldePete Griffin – BassistNick Marinovich, and JP Bouvet took over the Tabernacle Atlanta.

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There is no ONE better to lead the guitar revolution then Vai, who opened a recording label to help promote artists. Generation Axe is all Vai’s brainchild. One with think this would be all about STEVE, but this isnt the case. Instead Vai puts together a tight three-song set that brings the house down, including the crowd favorite “For the Love of God”.  Abasi, Bettencourt and Wylde join Vai on a version of Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” that may be the highlight of the evening.

With three hours of shred under our belt, it was only fitting that Yngwie Malmsteen, a master of shred, should close out the evening. Earlier in the evening, Bettencourt had joked that the performers were being paid by the note, and he was going to give Malmsteen run for his money. Within the first few minutes of Yngwie’s set it was clear that he would be taking home the majority of the loot home, if they were indeed being paid by the note. It’s during the Malmsteen set that you really appreciate the band that has been playing throughout the evening — drummer JP Bouvet, bassist Pete Griffin and keyboardist Nick Z. Marino provide a seamless transition from one amazing guitarist to the next.

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