Florida Tarpons Gearing Up For 2018

There Will Be Arena Football In The Tampa Arena In 2018

Arena Football Fans in Central Florida have been living on the edge the last few weeks, First Rumors claimed the Orlando Predators would return for 2018 in the Arena Football League, then in the National Arena League. Those rumors haven’t come to light yet. Then last month the Tampa Bay Storm shocked the Arena World by ceasing operations for 2018. This left the Central Florida fans empty handed.

Now along comes the American Arena League as the Florida Tarpons move their operations from  Estero, Florida and the Germain Arena to Lakeland, Florida and will be playing out of the RP Funding Center. The Tarpons are in their 7th season, which will begin during Spring of 2018.

“It was a tough decision to relocate the team, one that was carefully considered. We feel its in the best interest of the Tarpons both short and long term success. Having played many games in Lakeland over the past 6 season, its given us an opportunity to meet some of the arena staff, and local community leaders. The RP Funding Center is going through major renovations that will enhance the fan experience.” Said Michael Taylor Tarpons President.

With Lakeland being close to Orlando and Tampa, the Tarpons are hoping to fill the gap for Arena Football Fans. Michael Taylor, President and head coach for the Tarpons has been quiet in the public but is silently building a SQUAD down in Lakeland. Bringing in former UCF QB Baylin Trujillo, Former Predator QB Chris Wallace and former Jacksonville Shark WR Jeron Harvey, the team is ready to continue their tradition of Winning Football.

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The Florida Tarpons will play a nine-game regular season starting with road games March 17 and 24 before its home opener April 14 when they host the Richmond Roughriders. The two teams played in Richmond last June for the league championship, with the Roughriders sealing the win on the last play of the game