Film Review : The Domestics

The Domestics is part Purge, part Mad Max, part post apocalyptic gangland love affair that while lacking in a deep story succeeds in having some bloody fun.

After the US crop dusts the country with a toxic black gas that wipes out almost everyone except those immune to it or who were hidden the world has now gone violent. Filled with various gangs that patrol and run the country while everyone that isn’t in them attempt to survive we follow Mark and Nina, a married couple, on their journey to Milwaukee. Nina is eager to do the trip in hopes of finding her family who had stopped communicating with her over radio while Mark who is skeptical wants to try to peace back together their marriage which is falling apart.

The small marriage subplot works here for some of the situations that we see them get into it and helps moments flow along. As for the main story it is left rather quickly. We never learn really why the US does this or how quickly or extreme the decline of the country was after this. Many details here are either left out completely or skimmed through quickly.

Once we are introduced to the gangs however it does add a fun element to it. The gangs all look and act different from the way they dress or their costumes to the vehicles they have. Issue here is the same as before though is that we are really only given details or a longer view of one gang named “The Gamblers”. Many characters here are quickly introduced only to be whisked away just as fast.

These details doesn’t sound the movie from a tense fun ride though. The world is fleshed out enough to hold its own and we are given some great brutal moments here. Watching Mark go from being the protector because Nina is scared and afraid to see Nina rise up in the moment is fulfilling. This also leads to the fact that both Kate Bosworth and Tyler Hoechlin are both strong leads in the movie and can help carry it’s slower moments.

Overall The Domestics is a good horror post apocalyptic film. While lacking much depth in the story we are given solid performances and some great bloody fun which is enough to help bring up the parts that are lacking.

Score : 7/10



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