Film Review : Escape Room (2019)

Escape Room is part thriller, part horror taking cues from many films similar to it. Does it do well however or is it unable to escape it’s own room its trapped in.

The story is simple enough to follow. Six strangers all receive invitations to come to a all new Escape Room and if they can succeed they will be rewarded with $10,000. Only entering the first one they soon quickly realize that these rooms are quickly going from a game to life or death. They must then work together to make out and figure out why they were chosen for this.

As a premise Escape Room while not being a new idea is still a good one. Having people trapped in a room with elaborate things going on that are against the participants is always entertaining. If it wasn’t we would have a Saw franchise, Cube series, or movies similar to that. Many will slam it for being PG-13 as is the current trend with films like this and while an R rating would make it slightly better, in this rare case it didn’t need to be. Tense moments are had in these rooms and we are given an incredibly detailed set of rooms.

Characters here while being generic as a whole as your standard set you’d see. None stand out too much but they all do their part and hold everything together. Watching Taylor Russel’s character progress through the film from being shy and quiet smart college student to having a backbone is great.

Thankfully Escape Room moves at a fast pace. Once the games begin we are moved at a solid pace from room to room. Sadly though once we leave the rooms though the film takes a complete nosedive. We are given a quick few twists thrown in involving things that aren’t quite explained and an ending that feels like a cheap cop out. The last 15 minutes of this nearly ruins any fun or enjoyment you might have had during the first 90% of the movie.

Overall Escape Room is likely the first of a franchise. When its working it’s a semi-tense thriller but when the escape room itself isn’t present the film doesn’t quite know how to save itself.

Score : 4/10



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