Film Review : Birdbox

Coming in at the end of 2018 and breaking records and setting a social media storm that no one could predict, does Birdbox live up the hype its seemingly gained?


Five years after an unknown presence seemingly wipes out the majority of the world we see Malorie along with Boy and Girl attempt to traverse the woods and river in an attempt to survive. Survive means don’t ever look outside with your eyes or you’ll be forced into committing suicide by what you see. In between this all we are shown flashbacks of the world at the time of and shortly after this unknown entity attacks and takes control of the world.

The story is part Stephen Kings The Mist, part The Happening, part The Quiet Place (though only applies to a few parts). In all actuality though the story here is nearly non existent for the most part. We aren’t given any info on why this entity has came to earth, why its killing everyone, the reason it can kill you just by seeing it, or anything of the sort. Most of the story is left for your own thought (or an inevitable sequel or prequel).

Now the lack of story might not be such a huge issue since the film is tense and thrilling in parts. It does great at keeping you at the edge of your seat for most of the movie. At a run time of 2 Hours and 4 minutes though it is just long. The film could of easily had 20 minutes cut and not lost much.

Overall Sandra Bullock as expected can carry and film and did a great job at being a scared leader in a time of running from a creature she can’t even see. It’ll have you tensed till the next scenes but due to a lack of details in the story and an overly run time Birdbox falls just above average. Still something I’d say everyone should watch though.

Score : 6/10




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