Keep Your Driving Record Clean – Hire A Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Given the option, you’d rather not deal with traffic court or a traffic citation. No one does. It’s a hassle. However, there is a decent chance you’ll get a ticket at some point in your driving career. Even the most careful driver can press on the pedal or
get distracted. And while being cited or getting a ticket isn’t the end of the world, it can have more of a negative effect on you than you paying the face value of the fine.

Higher insurance rates, additional court costs, denial of insurance coverage, suspended driver’s license – these are just a couple consequences that can tag along with a traffic ticket or moving violation. If these aren’t to your liking or something you want to avoid, you should consider having an attorney handle it for you.

With help from The Law Office of Donald Metcalf, located just outside downtown Jacksonville, the hassle of dealing with a citation goes away. And there is a great chance the consequences do, too. Donald will not only handle the details of fighting the ticket, he’ll happily appear in court for you. You may not even have to show up. In fact, you don’t need to come to the office – everything can be done over the phone and email.

​A Traffic Attorney Pledge

If Donald is unable to get remittance for points assessed (lowered or dismissed) or adjudication withheld for the violation (case dismissed),

he’ll refund your legal service fees due or paid to The Law Office of Donald Metcalf.


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